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The Moody Boar has been born out of a Love Food concept; lets get back to basics, start again, a cow isn’t made out of sirloin, fillet & rump alone.

At The Moody Boar we are working for sustainability, value, local produce & most of all Flavour.

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  • 15th March Live music @ 3pm in the Palace Chapel
  • 15th March live music @4pm at the Moody boar Bar
  • 17th March St Patrick parade in Armagh city

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The Team

Photo of Sean Farnan

The staff at The Moody Boar believe in a relaxing night out, if you have any queries about where our food is from, our decor, what does Boar taste good with, what’s this Robinson cocktail? and so on, just give us shout and we'll be happy to help.

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