About Us

Where we started from
We opened Priory House Restaurant in the small village of Benburb, Co. Tyrone in 2007 for Five years and honed our skills while building a team that achieved recognition by the Michelin Guide and Georgina Campbell’s- The Ireland guide.  We then managed to convince some people over at the BBC to include us in the Northern Exposure program with Gary Lineker and Danielle Bux in 2009.

How we chose the name
A couple of glasses of wine later and a near empty cheese plate; Stephen (the potter & Seans’ older brother) had called by Ramune and Sean to help with the naming of the new restaurant. Sean had come up with ‘The Blind Pig’ after American speakeasies during prohibition; the ‘Pig’ changed to ‘Boar’ being more European, and they decided that since Sean was a bit moody anyway and because he had come up with a starting point they should slot him into the name; removing ‘Blind’ and sticking in ‘Moody’. Finishing up with:- The Moody Boar!

Stephen Farnan
Stephen has supplied our restaurant with his own artwork, plates, bowls and saucers. All of which can be purchased from the restaurant. For more details visit Stephen's website:  www.stephenfarnan.com 
Lord Mayor's Award 2013 'Making a difference'
Recommended by Michelin Guide 2013-17
Georgina Guide  2013-2017
Irish Restaurant Awards 2012-2016
McKenna's Guide 2014-2016
Food Heartland Awards 2016, Best Use a PGI Product in a Dish
award & Best Licensed Eating Establishment Award

Working With Us
If you like people, love food and are willing to work hard and continually learn and improve, you may be the perfect person to join our family. If you are interested in a skilled chef position or are looking for a position on our FOH team please forward your CV to Ramune 
at:  themoodyboar@gmail.com
  1. Managing Director