Why Should You Eat At CoreLife Eatery?

We always talk about eating Healthy and all that stuff! Isn’t it? But, are we really eating healthy, in its true sense? All the fast food items that we like to have nowadays, like Pizzas, Burgers, Sandwiches and ice creams, have all somehow found a way to increase our appetite towards them and have always garnered negative criticism from people who propagate healthy lifestyles. Nevertheless, there are still places where you can get something to satisfy your hunger as well as not bring too much hatred to your body. 

One such place is “CoreLife Eatery” and we have had our turn in getting to know more about this place and their philosophies towards Healthy eating! 

So, what is this CoreLife Eatery?

CoreLife is a chain of restaurants that aim to bring health and taste together. That is some serious challenge, isn’t it? Preparing food right in front of the Customers without the need to bring them packed in trucks or freeze them. Without all those fast food chunks and with only Greens and Grains, natural and grass-fed chicken, herbs and veggies, what you get should really help your body move light and better. At least that’s what one would think before stepping in. 

What really is CoreLife’s values?

No GMO, No Trans Fat, No Artificial Colors, No Sweeteners, No artificial additives, No antibiotic-fed chicken, No High Fructose Corn Syrup and many other NO’s. CoreLife also focuses on being Local – from sourcing Local products where possible, and hiring local people to work at their restaurants, their “Vocal for Local” mission is some step towards creating a healthy environment. In fact, in my personal opinion, what is best is what is Local. Anything that travels too far before getting on to the plate for a meal is not good for health.

What is really good about CoreLife Menu?

There are a whole lot of them going about being good for you. Start from their Salads, Green Bowls, Grain Bowls and even their Broths, everything is customized according to your liking and they are prepared right in front of you. Even the broth is simmered the night before and you can taste the freshness by yourself. When it comes to the Salads, Greens dominate them and they are all kept fresh, in fact they are cut and topped on your salads and bowls just after you order them. The choices for toppings are so many, including Tomatoes, basil leaves, Cucumbers, Broccoli, Chickpeas, Corn, Edamame, avocado, Kale, Spinach, Cabbage and so on. Even the Chicken toppings like Grilled chicken, boiled eggs and tofu are all simmered just the night before and prepared in front of the customers. 

The broth is something you should definitely check out, as it brings the best of the ingredients it got into it. For example, the bone broth brings the best nutrients of the chicken bone and when added with greens, it gets better.

What should you try at CoreLife?

Try their Great Bowls, be it Green or Grain. They are good enough to satisfy your hunger as well as make your body move around with ease, without the feeling of having eaten much. Broth is something you should surely have, especially when you are trying to fill up yourself with nutrient rich food and at the same time, not have much in terms of quantity. 


CoreLife eatery and its branches are present in few places across the country, so if you happen to be near one of them and haven’t had a chance to try it out, go, try it now!