Different Waffle flavors you need to try right now!

Waffles can be your saving grace when you are too bored of having the same breakfast items day in and day out! Be it hamburgers, or sandwiches or pancakes. They all can be boring after a certain point in time. So, what will be your alternative? How about Waffles? Have you tried one for your breakfast?

If not, this is high time you start tasting one, especially in some really good restaurants where you can appreciate the true quality of a waffle and the combinations they can come up with.

Types of Waffles

  • Belgian Waffles
  • Brussels Waffles
  • American Waffles
  • Liege Waffles

Waffle House

Though the biggest waffle chain of restaurants in the country might not have so many different varieties of waffles, they still serve some great waffles and sumptuous sides that will make you longing for more. 

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A well-known American restaurant franchise called Café Zupas offers homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, and desserts. Dustin Schulthies and Rob Seely created it in 2004. In Minnesota, there are multiple sites for the eatery. The fresh ingredients are a point of pride for Cafe Zupas.

 It’s a good spot for a quick bite, but it eliminates the guilt that comes with most quick-stop food. Additionally, it cooks its own soups on-site, bakes its own ciabatta bread every day, and manufactures sweets in its kitchen. Overall, the Zupas menu is delectable and something you shouldn’t miss.

Belgian Waffle Works

If it is Belgian waffles, it has to be Belgian Waffle Works! Situated in Lake Arrowhead, you are treated to so many combinations of Belgian Waffles and throughout the day – for breakfast and lunch. Just imagine the 

7-Grain Belgian Waffle, with toppings of your choice. Oh, did I forget to mention the Banana Cream Belgian? And Caramel Belgian? How about Boston Cream Belgian? The list goes on.

Wafels & Dinges

When it comes to Liege waffles, no one does it better than Wafels & Dinges. They even make it so adorable and presentable, that you instantly fall for it. The combo box with 8 regular waffles, 8 mini waffles, and 4 different toppings and spread is an instant hit and you are sure to have them all day long.

And their connoisseur box with only the lieve waffles and mini waffles should help you with breakfast all week long.


What sets Caribou Coffee apart from other coffee chains is their commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients, including locally sourced coffee beans and dairy. They also offer a variety of waffles, ranging from classic butter and syrup to more unique and savory options like chicken and waffles or bacon and cheddar waffles.

Caribou Coffee is the perfect spot for a quick breakfast or brunch with friends, with a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff. Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious coffee drink or a satisfying waffle, Caribou Coffee has something for everyone.

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